K34 5.00 – 16 for unique vehicle types
The Heidenau K34 is a vintage tire which combines state-of-the-art tire characteristics with the popular retro look. The block-groove-tread is suitable for motorcycles of all bike classes and perfects the stylish look of many periods. Whether for old Harleys, bobbers, choppers or other conversions – with this extension of the product range you can equip also unique motorbikes with a uniform tire design.
heavy tire for heavy bikes
The robust carcass construction provides both high load index and corresponding tire stability, which means that also heavy motorbikes are no challenge.
Agile and safe handling guaranteed
The combination of modern driving characteristics and the typical retro design were clearly in the focus of this new development. Tires in this category often have an angular shape and a large contact area, which leads to an exhausting driveability. The K34 is completely different: the round contour and the matched compound components allow the tire to handle the bike well in everyday driving.
Speed index up to 130mph
Perfectly matched tire components also enable high speeds.
No prescribed rotation of direction
No matter whether on the front or rear wheel: the tire unfolds its various characteristics independently of the wheel position.

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  1. Hi I’ve used these tyres on a few custom bikes I’ve built now and great tyres ,I’m real happy to see you now make this new size as it’s just what I need .
    But do you have a supplier who will send one direct here to Gibraltar if you can help I’d really appreciate t thank you

  2. Rocco Lieuallen :

    I am putting a K34 3.30 x 18 on a rear rim for a 1975 Honda. Is there a preferred direction of travel for the tire or does it not matter? Thank you!

  3. Lieven De Schuyter :

    Can you give the width in mm for the new k34 5.00-16, please? Thank you.

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