Heidenau produces premium tires for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, karts, and cars.

Based in Germany, Heidenau’s history of producing handcrafted and carefully engineered tires dates back to 1946. From the company’s earliest days every engineer and shop worker was dedicated to manufacturing tires that increased performance, longevity, and value. Heidenau maintains this commitment today by investing in research and development, people, and machinery. In its earliest days, Heidenau employed a dozen people and produced 35 tire designs. As of 2018, the company employs more than 200 at its global headquarters just outside Dresden and produces 550 unique tire designs. These products are distributed into 45 countries around the globe, including the United States, India, Greece, Brunei, Chile, Mexico, and Istanbul. Moto Amore, LLC is the exclusive distributor of Heidenau in the United States.

Heidenau Facts

  • Products

    Heidenau produces 550 unique tire designs at it’s plant outside of Dresden, Germany. Each is handcrafted, meticulously engineered, and made with a proprietary compound that boosts performance, longevity, and grip.

  • History

    Launched as VEB Reifenwerk Heidenau in 1946, the company has expanded to 200 employees and distributors across the globe, including the United States, India, Greece, Brunei, and Istanbul.

  • Distributor

    Moto Amore, LLC is Heidenau’s exclusive U.S. distributor. Based in Sacramento, Ca, Moto Amore also represents Davida, Siem, Halcyon, and Aviator products.

Our History

  • 1946

    VEB Reifenwerk Heidenau launches

  • 1952

    Company focuses on car and industrial tires

  • 1953

    Produces 100,000 tires per year for the first time

  • 1959

    Name changes to Pneumant, changes focus to tires for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, cars, hoses, and agricultural

  • 1990

    Reifenwerk Heidenau sold out of state-owned property during reunification

  • 1994

    Renamed to Reifenwerk Heidenau GmbH & Co. KG, dba Heidenau

  • 1999

    Add kart tires to production list

  • 2007

    Moto Amore, LLC begins distributing Heidenaus in U.S.

  • 2015

    Physical plant expansion to improve inventory availability

  • 2017

    Heidenau expands to double production capacity


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