In an effort to grow and improve their tires, Heidenau will be offering some changes to the tried and true K60 Scout.

This coming January we will be introducing a new compound for the K60 Scout 150/70 B 17, the Cold Climate compound (CC). This CC tire will be offered alongside the normal K60 Scout, and not replacing it. Gaining a reputation as the tire of choice among world travelers and weekend warriors, The K60 Scout is known for dependability and longevity; but some have not always been satisfied with the traction in cold, wet conditions. Specifically, the 150/70 B 17. To address this Heidenau has created a compound formulated to deliver similar performance in colder conditions. Warm weather riders might see a reduction in mileage compared to what they are used to with a Scout in return for an increase in street traction. Colder climates will find a great tire that preforms dependably wet or dry and delivers the value and performance they expect.

The same sturdy belted construction has been used, ensuring the dependable performance off-road riders expect. The change has been made to the tread compound only making for better adhesion in wet conditions. It is possible some riders might see a reduction in mileage of about 10%. Pricing will be the same as the current K60 Scout.


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