K 60

90/90 – 18 M/C 51S TT

110/80 – 18 M/C 58S TT

120/90 – 18 M/C 71T TT

130/80 – 18 M/C 72T TT

100/90 – 19 M/C 57H TL

80/100 – 21 M/C 51S TT

90/90 – 21 M/C 54T TT

It’s all about the Rubber

Heidenau has developed a great compound with a high natural rubber content. This makes for a resilient tire that lasts the miles.

Tread design

The K60’s interrupted block chevron pattern makes for a respectable off road tire that’s smooth on the street


Found in most common Enduro sizes for most manufactures as either a K60 or a K60 Scout. Every Scout is a K60, Not every K60 is a Scout. If your rim requires an inner tube, a quality inner tube can be safely used with any K60 Scout

$100.00 – $177.00