K 34

2.75 – 19 M/C 47S TT

3.00 – 19 M/C 49S TT

3.25 – 18 M/C 52S TT

3.25 – 19 M/C 54H TT

3.50 – 19 M/C 57H TT

3.50 – 18 M/C 62S TT

4.00 – 18 M/C 64H TT

4.00 – 19 M/C 64H TT

Classics look that suites the bike

A classic block pattern that looks the part on most vintage bikes, and in sizes to match. Suitable for front or rear use.


Vintage look does not mean vintage performance. Heidenau’s use of modern compounds and construction makes for a tire that feels as good to ride on as it looks.


Popular with vintage BMW and Japanese bike riders, the size range covers the popular widths of 18 and 19 inch wheels. More sizes coming in the future.